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Road Trip Living: Laundry and Showering in Japan


One of the necessary evils of travelling is cleaning your clothes (and yourself) periodically. We often take washing during a holiday for granted, as these facilities are included in most accommodations. When campervanning, you need to go to a little more effort to seek out places for a scrub.


The beauty and convenience of travelling around Japan is that many facilities are open 24hours a day. This includes coin laundries or Laundromats, depending on where you’re from. Most towns have at least one or more coin laundries you can find by searching in Google maps or you may just find them along your way. Generally, it takes little more than an hour and around 600 – 1000 yen to wash and dry your stanky clothes and you can be on your way again!


Finding somewhere to shower or bathe in Japan is slightly more complicated and there are a few options available to you.

  • Onsen: By far the nicest and most relaxing option for bathing in Japan are onsen, public hot spring baths. Entry costs to onsen vary and can range from 300 yen per person to 1000 or more, depending on the facilities available. At onsen, it is a cultural norm to bathe in the nude so as long as you’re ok with that, you can find them everywhere, even at roadside rest stops. We really enjoy them and haven’t experienced a bad one yet. Learn everything you need to know about visiting an onsen here.
  • Coin showers: To be honest, finding standalone showers on our road trip through Japan proved to be extremely difficult. We do know that coin showers inside coin laundries do exist in some places, although we’ve only found them in Tokyo so far. You may have better luck at campsites, whether you stay there or just ask to use the showers.
  • Pay per hour facilities: These include manga cafes, internet cafes, capsule and love hotels. We haven’t been to any of these types of places yet, but based on our research it’s a feasible option to pay for a few hours of use and shower at them.

Any suggestions to add? Comment below!


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